Thadden Entry Five

Finally we have left Old Eltonmond. Much has changed in such a short time. Lexis has learned to shapechange, at least a little. I do not know the growth rate of dragons but nonetheless I am impressed. We've taken on a lamia as well, she calls herself Slah'Ra. A priestess of some sort, oddly attatched to preserving life but to each their own I suppose.

We're a party of twelve strong, heading north into the mountains. We hope to avoid any confrontations with the local harpy and goblin population. But before that even, we came across some bandits posing as merchants. Oldest trick in the book but it still works. They were dispatched. Our party is certainly not the strongest but they did well enough.

Oddly, it was the aftermath of the battle that pains me more than the ogres club did. I slew a man, a bandit, as he lay helpless, even as the lamia attempted to tend to his wounds. What possessed me to do so? Most of my companions were nonplussed but Mona, and Slah'Ra, were very unhappy.

"Lore always believed that anyone with enough education could always be brought to the side of good and order."

It seems I've forgotten, quite readily, what I am and what I represent. I am a Tomewarden, sword and shield of Lore, protector of the weak, and preserver of knowledge. I must dwell on this callousness that's afflicted me. Though my hands are already slick with blood, I must strive to be a leader and a paragon if I am ever to lead New Sanctum. I am no cold blooded killer.

My past has ghosts that haunt me still.

Thadden Entry Five

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